What Do You See?


The dot is always the first thing we see. For when we observe we are conditioned to see detail. Detail that is small, minor and distinguishing. The dot embodies the difference that separates one from the next.

Similar to that which materialises between people, religions, nations and lands. We often live in, and see, a world of separation. But where separation is a part of the fabric, separation also breeds disconnect. So for every small difference we remind ourselves there is a far greater sameness.

Beneath and beyond the dot lies this sameness. A canvas facilitating the dot’s very existence; non-obtrusive and ever-present.

Our symbol is a meditation shifting perspective to the greater whole - to see the wider picture. A powerful vessel to appreciate unity amongst all demographic of the world. A counterforce against the root cause of disconnect. To align and identify in a more collective fashion. A resource to assimilate oneness.


Adot is a foundation and movement dedicated to making a positive change to the world. It has been supporting organisations within the charity space for over a decade to help achieve their goals, while creating meaningful, thought-provoking experiences that ultimately inspire unity.

In partnership with Outernet London, the initiative pushes impactful projects through the physical and virtual elements of the media district and by tapping into the powerful brand and cultural network. The program is largely focused on broadening a sense of community, to expand a greater sense of identity, and in turn shine a light on isolated problems collectively.

A constant effort to break barriers that divide we champion the concept ‘unity through diversity’ as a powerful tool; enabling us to see that our hopes, fears and love for each other are all shared as one.


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What Do You See?