Adot sponsors ‘A Night at the Museum’ – raising more than £950,000

We were thrilled to be a part of and sponsor ‘A Night at the Museum’ raising money for Neurology at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Louise Galvin and the committee of Daniel Galvin Bracken’s gala dinner were committed to fundraise as much as possible towards a £2 million goal to fund a much needed Intraoperative MRI scanner at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

The neurology and neurosurgery teams see more children with brain tumours and perform more operations for patients with epilepsy that any other hospital nationwide. Precision is paramount when performing such operations and even with the most skilled world-class doctors, the right equipment is vitally needed. The teams plan to make the uncertainty and risks associated with these operations a thing of the past by integrating a state-of-the-art MRI scanner into their operating theatre. This will allow brain imaging during operations to be seamless, allowing critically ill children the best chance of a positive outcome.

It would also ensure that GOSH can offer young patients and their families the best experience, minimising the stress, anxiety and uncertainty that they currently face.

Louise Galvin Bracken, Committee Chair of ‘A Night at the Museum’, explains her motivations behind this fantastic fundraiser:

“Nothing could have prepared me for the moment I was told that Daniel (Louise’s son) had a brain tumour. The size and location of the tumour meant that although the operation was mostly successful, Mr Aquilina (Daniel’s surgeon) was unable to remove all of it – had there been an iMRI scanner he would have known immediately and may have been able to remove it all”

“Daniel is doing very well now – we feel blessed that he is able to lead a stable and happy life. However, because some of the tumour was left behind after the surgery we have to return to GOSH every three months for a check-up and MRI scan to ensure it hasn’t grown or altered. If an iMRI scanner had been available it may have been possible for MR Aquilina to remove the tumour it its entirety. While I am thankful every day for the recovery Daniel has made, as each check-up appointment approaches, so too do the sleepless night and the worry that the tumour will have returned. We don’t take a single day for granted”

Adot, Louise and the rest of the committee are thrilled that over £951,000 was raised on the night and donations are continuing to flood in.

If you would like to contribute to this incredible cause, you can still donate at : Https://Www.Justgiving.Com/Fundraising/Louise-Galvin


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