ADOT supports Festival du Cinéma Israélien de Paris

ADOT are thrilled to support Festival Du Cinéma Israélien De Paris, taking place on 1-8 April 2014. The Paris-based film festival boasts an array of short and long films, showcasing an eclectic mix of the unique talent present on the Israeli film scene.

During the festival, visitors will be able to view ADOT’s short film ‘The Affair’, created by Dan Nathan and Ajab Singh. The film asks the question ‘What Do You See?’, encouraging us to examine how we see the world around us and prompting us to change our perspectives. The ADOT movie is also available in the gallery section of our website and on Vimeo, Https://Vimeo.Com/89001593.

We at believe prejudices are born out of focusing on differences in each other, and that this causes an epidemic of disconnect between people, which ultimately leads to discrimination and war. We need to shift our perspectives and acknowledge the similarities we all share in order to connect, coexist and live in peace. We believe creative expression through the medium of film can be a great catalyst for progressive change in the world, as art provokes thought and action. Thus, we are extremely delighted to support the Paris-based Israeli film festival and their mission in supporting creative talent and enabling important messages to be portrayed to the world.

For more information go to Http://Isratim.Co.Il/.


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