ADOT supports Shlomo Artzi in aid of Variety Israel

We at Adot can’t wait until Sunday 8 June as renowned artist Shlomo Artzi takes to the stage at Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, in London’s West End.

We are extremely excited to take part in the event, with proceeds to help Variety Israel and their relentless commitment in helping children with special needs in the process of rehabilitative and social integration in Israeli society.

We at Adot believe we should move away from focusing on differences between each other and acknowledge the similarities we all share, in order to connect and care for our neighbours no matter who they are. Thus, we are honoured to be part of supporting Shlomo Artzi’s concert for Variety Israel, who actively help thousands of children with special needs, regardless of religion, race or gender; an operational ethos that acknowledges we’re all the same and that we all possess the same worth and equal right and access to opportunities.


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