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Choose Love has been pivotal to providing essential aid to refugees and displaced people all over the world for the last 7 years and doing whatever it takes to provide everything from lifesaving search and rescue boats to food and legal advice.

During these 7 years, Choose Love have supported almost 4 million (3,860,000) people worldwide and,  with the help of their partners, have distributed more than 5 million hot meals, almost 3 million nappies, and over 650,000 items of clothing. In addition, Choose Love have rescued over 20,000 people at sea, funded almost 200,000 medical consultations, supported more than 130,000 legal cases and built almost 600,00 shelters.

Earlier this year the Choose Love team travelled to visit those in need, along with their dedicated partners who work to distribute aid. Footage captured from visits to Lebanon and Ukraine has since been hosted on the screens of the Now Trending space at Outernet, London and played out from 9th-23rd December.

As a long standing supporter of Choose Love, Adot’s mission was to help highlight Choose Love’s work and spread their message to as many as possible, this Christmas.

Adot, in partnership with Outernet London, hopes to spotlight the vital importance of providing supplies, aid and shelter to so many in need.

To find out more about Choose Love, and to shop at their store, please visit their Website.


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