GUEST BLOG: Climbing Kilimanjaro for Chai Cancer Care

‘Going the extra mile’ is a phrase that now has new meaning to me. 22 women and I mostly from London didn’t just go the extra mile we went thousands of miles away to Tanzania where we truly pushed ourselves out of comfort zones. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro was never going to be easy, I knew that, but I was personally unprepared for just how challenging it was going to be.

There were two things that enabled me to push through all of the obstacles and accomplish a successful climb. One – I had the support of our incredible guides and the other fantastic women who were climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with me. Together, we gave each other the strength to complete the adventure with smiles on our faces, even if moments of the trip were tough. Two – knowing that we were raising funds for Chai Cancer Care provided me and the other women with constant motivation. Cancer sufferers go through so much worse than the momentary pain that comes with climbing a mountain – this was humbling and truly gave me the push I needed to complete this expedition.

Together, we raised £320,000 for Chai Cancer Care, a charity that means a lot to me and all of the women on the climb. Funded through the generosity of donations alone, it is great to know that the money we raised will truly make a difference to the Jewish cancer sufferers across the UK who Chai Cancer Care help every day. Through stepping outside of themselves and choosing to help others, the amazing people at Chai Cancer Care help thousands of people each year. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, away from all of the daily things that can weigh heavy on us I gained a new perspective – something that understands the power of and something that pushes Chai Cancer Care to do their incredible work.

If you would like to make a donation to sponsor our climb, please visit this page: Http://Www.Forchai.Org/Kilimanjarotrekkers/


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