Dec 10 2012

To celebrate Chanukah 2012, ADOT.COM launched a competition, in which ADOT.COM followers on Twitter were asked to tweet their #AdotMiracles in order to win a £500 donation for a charity of their choice. The wonderful charity, GIFT, was the winner and announced on the 4th January 2013. In their... Continue Reading

Nov 21 2012

ADOT.COM was honoured to support the Amy Winehouse Foundation Ball 2012 held at the Dorchester Hotel in London on November 20 this year. The night of music, celebration and fundraising proved to be a great success, with over £100,000 raised for the charity, and ADOT.COM couldn’t be happier to be... Continue Reading

Nov 19 2012

ADOT.COM supported Captain Justin Packshaw who went to the South Pole, these were his words on the experience;

What a trip! I don’t know why but I was rather complacent about us heading down to Antarctica and retracing the last two degrees of Scott’s epic trip back in 1911/12. I just... Continue Reading

Nov 08 2012

Youth homelessness is a major problem in the UK. Without charities like Centrepoint that help 16-25 year olds who find themselves on the streets, these vulnerable young people would be left with very little hope for their futures. Centrepoint help young homeless people by providing them with... Continue Reading

Jun 14 2012

SERET is the name of the London Israeli Film & Television Festival and this year is the inaugural event.

For five days in June, we’re bringing a special selection of Israeli films never before seen in the UK to cinemas in London and holding a conference for those in the film and... Continue Reading

Jun 07 2012

The Royal Albert Hall is one of the most iconic cultural locations in all of the UK, playing host to some of the world’s best loved artists, including Elton John, The Beatles, and Frank Sinatra. In June of 2012, this iconic music location hosted a concert with a difference – the Rays of Sunshine... Continue Reading

May 01 2012

Five primary schools in London are taking part in an ADOT.COM competition to win the tickets to Rays of Sunshine Concert. Competition theme: "What is Love?". ADOT.COM describes LOVE as "seeing the sameness in everyone, not difference" This event will be held at the Royal Albert Hall on the 7th... Continue Reading

Mar 22 2012

Three simple words that for many people is so hard to say.
Whilst it might be hard to say to a relative or to a lover, it’s harder still to say to someone who has been a sworn enemy for many years. Which is why it is so inspiring to see the message of love spread by the Israeli peace... Continue Reading

Mar 19 2012

ADOT.COM together with Tikva Children’s Homes introduced the concept of virtual adoption and produced a special brochure to encourage donations to be made to this charity but at the same time promoting important messages of ADOT.COM such as giving is receiving.

The brochure was sent to... Continue Reading

Dec 20 2011

With full community support ADOT.COM opens up to an international audience of artists.
The new site offers many amazing functionalities allowing artists to submit artwork that, if chosen, will be part of exhibitions, books and t-shirts that will be distributed all around the world. To find... Continue Reading


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