The Power of Mind: Adot introduces an evening of life transformation and healing with Yash Shekhar

One of Adot’s key aims is to encourage an acceptance our similarities. To undo the epidemic of disconnect which lies at the heart of world conflict and disillusion.  By heightening awareness of our true self and our relationship with the world around us, we will come closer together and more able to work towards true peace and understanding.

In Yash Shekhar we believe that we have found someone who can help us all to change our perspective. Yash is many things, a bio energy healer, a life coach, a motivational speaker, an advanced yoga practitioner, a Reiki master, a Feng Shui expert – but most of all he is a spiritual consultant, able to share peace, happiness, strength, energy and compassion with those around him.

We are delighted that Yash has agreed to spend an evening with Adot and invited guests on January 28th 2020. We know that it’s vital to both involve and engage with young people if you want to enable real change in society, so our guests include Jerome Harvey-Agyei, a youth participation officer for the Greater London Authority and founder of The Tope Project and Korinna Williams from the Shadow To Shine project, as well as members of the Outernet Youth Board.

Yash will share his thoughts and wisdom on life transformation, mind training and healing. Our aim is to show people that what we see is not always what is true and Yash will help us understand how to question what we see. His spiritual journey began at four years of age, and has grown throughout his lifetime. Now he generously shares his wisdom with us.

Starting with a talk, Yash will then take questions from our guests. It will be a fascinating and revelatory evening, and we look forward to sharing photos and updates with you afterwards.

To find out more about Yash Shekhar, visit his Website.


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