Unseen Signals

CALM – Campaign Against Living Miserably, created a poignant film to coincide with the start of the Women’s World Cup. The campaign focused on the growing rate of suicide in young women in the UK.

The film, featuring Fran Kirby, showed that, while in a match when you’re injured help is usually immediate and the physio rushes to your side, here it’s not happening and you begin questioning why – and it parallels the experience young women have when they’re suicidal: they become invisible. Their signs for help are not seen or not understood; the support they desperately need is not received.

The suicide rate among young women aged 15-24 in the UK is the highest it has ever been. One woman under the age of 24 in the UK takes her own life every two days. That needs to change. 

This awareness campaign highlighted the issue and created a spellbinding moment that asks allies of young women to… See them. Support them. Unite against suicide.

ADOT supported CALM by donating valuable screen time and hosting this campaign on the state of the art VISTA screens at Outernet, London – spreading awareness and driving further impact of this important Campaign and its call for change.



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