What is ADOT.com?

At the heart of ADOT.COM is a deep and meaningful premise that aims to heighten the awareness of one’s true self and the relationship we have with the world around us. Speaking to all facets of the world's demographic, ADOT.COM is committed to the idea of showing the similarities that exist between us rather than the small differences that we have been taught to focus on.

Our sole aim is to ignite worldwide awareness of the singular true nature of mankind and to do this ADOT.COM acts as a catalyst that shows people that what we see is not necessarily the truth. It empowers us to discover the deep humanistic and compelling character traits we possess in order to help us focus on the similarities that exist between us all.

We believe that this resulting understanding leads to unity bringing us closer to each other and enabling us to see that our hopes, fears and love for each other are all shared as one. 


ADOT.COM methodology is to raise awareness and funds for other charities and at the same time promote the message of oneness. In this way, the circle of “giving is receiving” is completed as by assisting and giving to other causes, we in turn receive exposure of ADOT.COM underlying message.

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Often the donors are merely asked for donations but are rarely shown what benefit they should derive from their giving. ADOT.COM points to the meditation of “giving is receiving” as by overcoming the nature of “mine” one glimpses the expansiveness of oneness through sharing and appreciate the concept of “not receiving for the self alone”

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