Adot Homeless Packs

At Adot, we call to change your perspective on how we see another, recognise that our similarities are far greater than our differences. We want to encourage others to unite and connect with their local communities, spreading the message of oneness.

Adot have teamed up with GIFT to help supply and box Homeless Packs. Inside these kits are essential items that the recipient in need would benefit from. Such items include: A hat, socks, food, a toothbrush and toothpaste. The contents are then wrapped up in our Adot biodegradable potato starch envelopes and signed with a unique and personal message to boost morale and spread positivity. 

Homeless Packs can be distributed individually or be passed onto local Homeless charities and their street teams through Adot. We have partnered with GIFT and are working with The Connection at St Martins to provide these on a larger scale. 

The foundation has encouraged those in our Soho office to deliver packs. This could be as simple as distributing them whilst commuting to and from the office, running errands or stepping outside for a breath of fresh air. We are passionate about helping the homeless community and this has been a wonderful way for our employees to partake in a much worth cause; whilst adhering to Adot’s wider mission of promoting the messages of togetherness in the notion that giving is receiving. 

While this is a small and simple gesture to help those in need feel a little more comfortable, it is also an opportunity to encourage people to engage with those who otherwise often feel so ignored in society.

Many in the homeless community feel invisible and this perpetuates their already very tough and vulnerable position. Acknowledgment goes a long way.

We hope that an Adot Homeless Pack not only incentivizes others to go out and provide aid to someone in need, but also encourages people to connect – to see one another, beyond the dot, beyond the differences that so often separates us.

For more information about our Philosophy, please go to: Https://Www.Adot.Com/

To purchase a Homeless Pack, please go to: Https://Www.Adotshop.Com


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Adot Homeless Packs

At Adot, we call to change your perspective on how we see another, recognise that our similarities are far greater…

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