Adot is supporting Loving Classroom in building a loving world

Loving Classroom is an educational programme guiding teachers and students to cultivate a lifetime of good relationships: at school, at home, with friends, at the future workplace, within communities and eventually between cultures and nations

The programme is built on a foundation of 8 virtues: Respect, Compassion, Listening, Gratitude, Love, Friendship (in the class) and Care (for society) presently training teachers in the Middle East, South Africa and United Kingdom.

Currently, Loving Classroom have signed an agreement with the South Africa Gauteng Department of Education to run an official 3-year pilot programme. If successful, Loving Classroom will be incorporated into the official Department of Education State Curriculum in South Africa.

As they are required to provide and finance textbooks for 21000 students and teacher training they’ve set up a crowdfunding page as the government will only be able to provide the funding for the programme evaluation.

Adot is committed in supporting Loving Classroom in ensuring this government pilot programme is financed and a major success, and thereby establish Relationship Education as an official foundation for the South African educational system. In so doing: we will ensure the loving core of a healthy, happy, thriving South Africa, and maybe help to do the same for a peaceful, stable, successful Africa and world.

If you would like to join Adot in supporting Loving Classroom and find out more about the project, please click on the links below.




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