ADOT supports Centrepoint Ultimate Sports Quiz

It’s lunchtime on 15 May 2014. We at ADOT are clutching the newspapers’ sports sections with tremendous focus, trying to soak up all the latest from the world of the fit as we gear up for the Centrepoint Ultimate Sports Quiz kicking off in only 6 hours’ time.

Hosted by TV’s Mr Sport, John Inverdale, this evening’s quiz is sure to put even the most knowledgeable of sports experts to the test. But those whose knowledge is somewhat lacking on this front needn’t worry – with delicious food, drinks and entertainment on the agenda, tonight’s quiz night is sure to keep anyone and everyone entertained.

We at ADOT are truly honoured to take part in tonight’s extravaganza with proceeds supporting the commendable work Centrepoint does in reaching out a helping hand to homeless young people around the UK and empowering those in need. We are all one and the same and we all deserve a chance to fulfil our true potential, so knowing Centrepoint works hard every day to ensure so many disadvantaged young people are given the opportunity to flourish is inspiring.


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