Adot Supports GIFT, the communal charity devoted to educating people to engage in giving

GIFT’s aim is to inspire a culture of giving through volunteering, education and supporting those in need, and being in lockdown has not slowed down their inspirational work.

Their efforts to provide aid has not wavered, despite being in a global pandemic. In the last 12 weeks, GIFT has provided thousands of pounds worth of meals for the most needy, responded to thousands of requests for those self-isolating in need of essential shopping and medicine, made countless calls and written letters to the elderly and vulnerable, created online tutoring and educational initiatives for children and they have also supported those in the Jewish community who needed aid when religious festivals fell within lockdown. GIFT also collaborated with Barnet Hospital and NHSOS to distribute care packages to NHS staff, care homes & hospices. These are only a few of the ways GIFT has continued to provide their support to those who have needed it the most.

If you would like to read more surrounding the amazing work GIFT does or to support them however you can, please visit their website.



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