Adot partners with Reboot the Future to launch powerful ‘We are Antarctica’ Campaign at Outernet, London

Adot have proudly partnered with Reboot the Future to help amplify their awareness and education campaign, ahead of the next major climate conference, COP27.

‘We are Antarctica’, created alongside Earthrise Studio, is a film and campaign with a mission to reimagine our relationship to Antarctica. They believe that to achieve this, we must educate and inspire change-seekers, young people, and leaders and forge a new relationship with nature.

Adot and Reboot the Future’s core philosophy aligns here, and focuses on deepening the connection between ourselves and the world around us. The partnership, via the Outernet London media district, sets to employ state of the art technology to maximise the way we can spotlight the ever-pressing issues surrounding climate change and stimulate a sense of responsibility over our own actions.   

This exciting campaign commenced with a launch event, taking place in the Now Trending space at Outernet, on the 3rd October. The event welcomed over 100 people, inviting them to network before leading into the premiere screening of the ‘We Are Antarctica’ film, a panel discussion from key individuals, and an interactive audience conversation.

Attendees had the opportunity to consider their own relationship with Antarctica and the role they can play in creating a better roadmap for the future.

The ‘We Are Antarctica’ film continues to air twice daily, in Now Trending until the 2nd December.

Click here to watch and find out more about the campaign.