Adot supports Daniel Futter

It is now March and I’ve been in marathon training since December. Earlier last year I decided to run the Paris and London marathons for Centrepoint. I must confess, when I did this, I had no idea what the challenge would actually entail. I now run five days a week, for a total of 75-80km regardless of temperature or weather. I need to do a long run on Sundays, currently 28km. No matter how tired I am, I have to run. If I’m not feeling well, I still have to run. I have to structure my whole week around running. On evenings, I tend to be very tired. However, that is nothing compared to what it must be like growing up homeless. I may be exhausted now, but I have a safe and warm place to sleep. I take enormous comfort knowing that my efforts are going to help others improve their lives, which drives me forward. And I’m especially grateful to Adot for the generous support to help Centrepoint.

To find out more about Centrepoint and the work they do, visit their website here.