Jbox launch party…

ADOT was delighted to support Jbox and their launch party – a fantastic night of music and fun with an attendance of over 400 people!


The night went off with a bang with amazing DJ sets and a fabulous compare was found in Paul Danan. There was a real buzz in the air at DSTRKT London on the night and we wish the Jbox team every success.

A huge part of Jbox is Thinkbox and on their website they state that “in a world of apathy and disillusionment, Thinkbox gives meaning and hope in an open and interactive manner. No preaching, only collaborative teaching.” This is something that we at ADOT fully support, as we believe that working together and education is the key to realising that we are more than the differences between us.

In fact the truth is that we share more in common than the differences that separate us.