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As we at ADOT watch the turmoil unfold in Ukraine, our hearts sink and we cannot but fear the worst.


We urge leaders of Ukraine, Russia and the world to stop and think. We plead to all members of the public to acknowledge they can make a difference and that their actions matter. At the end of the day – if all people stand up and refuse to fight their neighbours, and if all these people grab a megaphone and shout it from the rooftops, there will be nobody left to hold the gun.


When growing up we are taught to outline the differences between US and THEM, even though the similarities we all share are far greater than the differences. It is at this moment that the epidemic of disconnect between neighbours, cultures, religions and nations is born, and as the epidemic spreads it provides a sanctuary for prejudices to breed, resulting in discrimination, conflict and war.


We at ADOT have made it our mission to kill the epidemic of disconnect and end our destructive behaviour. And we believe the road to peace is simple: acknowledge the similarities we all share, choose to connect and coexist, and choose dialogue over death.


  • This is our call to peace.
  • See the differences and choose war.
  • See the similarities and choose peace.


Take the first step right now: sign this petition and join our Dialogue for Peace:…

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