Adot supports ‘Israel I Love You’ online campaign

Three simple words that for many people is so hard to say.

Whilst it might be hard to say to a relative or to a lover, it’s harder still to say to someone who has been a sworn enemy for many years. Which is why it is so inspiring to see the message of love spread by the Israeli peace activists to the people of Iran. This week, Israelis sent the simple message “I love you” to Iranians and it wasn’t long before the Iranians responded in kind.


By looking past our pre-conditioned perceptions of people and focusing on the similarities within one another, we can smash through many misconceptions and cultural barriers. This is the vision of ADOT. If Israel and Iran can do it, so can you.


Focus on what unites, not what separates ADOT – further reading can be found at;…

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