Celebration Day

Adot supported the new initiative Celebration Day, helping to promote a fresh perspective by challenging loss and forging connection. Adot’s donation of screen time in the run up to this day spread the word of Celebration Day and why it’s important.

Celebration Day is one day each year when we can take time out to remember and celebrate the lives of people no longer here. They may be loved ones, or people who have inspired us and shaped our lives. It is a day to connect with each other and those no longer with us. A celebration of life and love.

In our modern, busy and increasingly secular world, it is difficult to find time to stay connected with things that matter to us and the people that matter to us.

Celebration Day offers the simple thought: that as individuals and as a society, we are enriched and empowered by keeping the lives of those that are important to us more present.

To find out more about Celebration Day, follow the link: https://celebrationday.com/home/


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