Closing In

ADOT supports this innovative and powerful campaign titled “Closing In”, to support and amplify awareness for Men’s Mental Health, and the work that the charity Humen does to help create safe spaces for men to not only talk but to listen and connect on a regular basis.

The campaign highlight’s the pressure of having to keep it all together and how it feels when you can’t speak up about what you’re going through; the times you feel overwhelmed, suffocated and trapped.

Starting with a seemingly normal editorial-style ad, the content follows the character’s journey as they become trapped, unable to ask for help or express themselves as the world around them closes in.

ADOT is very pleased to play a part of this transformative movement, showcasing this powerful awareness campaign on the cutting-edge VISTA screens at Outernet, London in a bid to spread further awareness and amplify Humen’s important message: ‘open up to us’.

The Campaign ran across Nov-Jan, encouraging Men to open up and engage with their Space sessions.

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