Design a T-shirt Competition & Party@thePalace

The competition itself was an overwhelming success with all schools that were chosen producing some fantastic and truly inspiring artwork.

The aim of the competition was to encourage children to think about peace in an artistic way and to express their hopes and dreams of a world of peace on paper so that we could take these hopes and dreams and put them on a t-shirt to promote the idea of a world free from war through the medium of children’s art.

This was a great success with children from all the different schools in attendance of the event. Party@thePalace had a fantastic turnout with over 3000 people in attendance and proved to be a very fun and engaging day. Furthermore, all the proceeds went towards improving the lives of Jewish children in need all around the world.

In uncertain times such as these, ADOT believes it is more prescient than ever to promote our message of peace and that the only true way to attain it is through free and open dialogue. ADOT believes that social conditioning that leads towards focusing on difference is what causes discrimination, conflict and wars and that through words & art people can realise their similarities instead of their differences. ADOT believes one of the best ways to get this message across to people is via the medium of art and more specifically children’s art.


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