Unbridled delight and joy from Amigo Academic Sports Centre in Rwanda

Adot with the help of West Ham United FC brought yet more smiles and happiness to our little stars at Amigo Academic Sports Centre in Rwanda.

In the words of Billy Kelly, the director of Msaada Charity, who delivered the two full sets of West Ham kits:

“They were all so excited it is impossible to convey what this has meant to them.”

Hilary, the academy’s chairman, sent the following message:

“The kids and Amigo’s staff are all very happy to receive donation of kits from West Ham.

It is amazing to everyone in Amigo. We are looking good now, we are so smart!

When you turn back in England tell people from West Ham many thanks.

Kids are going to continue to play with motivation by developing their talents.

We started from zero but today we have seen signs of becoming heroes in football.

Many thanks to West Ham people.

Kindest regards,

Hilary Uwiragiye, chairman of Amigo Football Academy”

We couldn’t be prouder to see the results of our efforts!

Adot aims to connect all humans, despite cultural, geographical, religious, ethnic differences, Adot chooses to see that the similarities in people out-weight the differences and encourages the acts of giving as a “dial” to reach others.

To find out more about Msaada and the life-changing work they do, please click on the link below:



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